Video Conferencing

Video meeting is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A video conference room is designed for placing video conference meetings. Suitable AV solutions help streamline the experience of video conference meeting. VTECH offers telepresence immersive video solutions that bring your teams together for true-to-life dimension video meetings. We ensure your video conference room is well-appointed. It is couple technology for stable and quality video conference call with the correct selections of lighting, acoustics, screen height, microphone, backdrop color and table surface.

Video conferencing is the telecommunication process for merging live audio and video signals, over telephone lines or the Internet; enabling people at two or more locations to come together for a real-time meeting. Video conferencing is green technology; for organisations to make a positive contribution to the environment, they need solutions that reduce unnecessary travel, but which provide effective communication without sacrificing productivity. Avoiding the use of cars and aircraft ultimately benefits our atmosphere, and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Nowadays, even small companies and start ups are adopting the idea of video conferencing and business models such as coworking as a way to stay connected. Also, as more and more individuals take advantage of coworking , benefits of video communication have become more apparent. Meet “face-to-face” with remote customers, suppliers, and partners using Polycom , Lifesize & Cisco endpoints.

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