Unique programming solution from V-TECH

V-TECH has been leading the way since the time of its inception in offering the best quality and latest automation solutions to its clients. Along with innovations in design, world class creative execution and programming of automation equipments is involved, aimed at providing the most efficient use of these luxury defining amenities.

Some of our innovations include:

  1. Your mood, your choice of light! Setting the scene and intensity of light in the room is a click away, user friendly and hassle free. No programmer is required to set up the room. It's your mood and your room, you can set it up yourself.

  2. Wake up timers : The old age alarm is replaced by the Wake up timers. V-TECH offers a very sophisticated wake up timer system, where you are woken up by the equipment fitted in your house like lights, fan, AC and the music system.

  3. Sleep timers : Along with Wake up timers, V tech also provides technology that they call the Sleep timers. Dozing off while watching TV is a very normal phenomenon. But the TV and other related equipments like set top box, amplifier, lights being switched off automatically after you've fallen asleep is not common. V-TECH's esteemed clients have the luxury of dozing off and not worrying about all these equipments remaining switched on, as they have Sleep Timer technology to their disposal. All they need to do is set the timer, and the rest will be taken care off. This also means a lot of electricity can be saved with the help of the sleep timer technology.

  4. Voice based controls : V-TECH is a leader in home automation technology and the latest offering from their stable is the voice activated control system. This system makes life very simple and easy for V-TECH's clients who can just give a command and the system will oblige. No remotes or iPads required. Just your voice is enough. !

  5. Innovative touch panel designs : Keeping in mind customer convenience and preferences, and all the knowledge and experience that V Tech has garnered in the past decade of being in the automation industry, V Tech has developed award winning touch panel designs. Crestron has year on year felicitated V-TECH as the best touch panel designs developer.

  6. Innovative solution design : V-TECH follows the principle of Design meets technology. Design is what redefines a project. V-TECH has been recognized for its design capabilities time and again, so much so that one of its projects has been acknowledged as one of the best projects in the whole of Asia-Pacific. This simply implies that V-TECH designs the best residential automation projects in India.
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