Training Room

A training room is a multifunctional space. Participants are typically seated classroom-style at the desks, grouped together for collaboration, or theater-style in rows of seats. Presentations are given at the front of the room. With the integration of audio visual systems, they help creating a more engaging training and learning environment.

Display system

Display system includes HD Projector starting from 3500 ANSI Lumens power, which would be mounted on a fixed mounted projector rod, a 120-inch motorized projector screen.

Switching Devices / Interface

VGA Face Plate for Laptop connectivity shall be installed on flat surfaces.

Sound System

Ceiling Mounted Speakers from JBL for stereo audio output, Cordless Hand microphones for the trainees & Cordless lapel microphone for the trainer & a Mixer Amplifier to transmit the sound from the microphones.

Control System

An 8 switch Keypad called as BPC8 by Crestron Electronics controls all the installed AV Equipment such as motorized projector screen, projector etc. or else we can install a touch panel like TPMC-4sm by Crestron Electronics which would control all the AV Equipments as well as the user can also use TPMC-4sm as a room scheduling device at the same time.

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